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fresnel lens,Positive Focal Length Fresnel Lens Used As a Collector
Positive Focal Length Fresnel Lens Used As a Collector
Positive Focal Length Fresnel Lens Used As a Collimator
Positive Focal Length Fresnel Lense Used As a Collimator
Negative Focal Length Fresnel Lens Used As a Diverger
Negative Focal Length Fresnel Lenses Used As a Diverger
  Hengwen Optics Components Company is a professional manufactory in optics components . It located in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province, which possessed with convenient transportation.  
  Our focus and our direction is to become the most customer friendly, low cost provider ( fresnel lens sale ) of high quality optics products while generating an above average return on investment for our owners.
  Hengwen optics makes a wide variety of stock optical components to meet your needs; we can do the fresnel lens design and construct custom items as necessary. The items fall into a number of categories, but they all have a few things in common: they are made from plastics materials, they are thin (generally under 1/4" [6mm]), and they typically have stepped surfaces.


These items generally fall into the following categories:

  • Overhead projector Fresnel lenses
  • Positive focal length aspheric Fresnel lense
  • Cylindrical (actually acylindrical) Fresnel lens
  • Negative focal length aspheric Fresnel lenses
  • Off-axis Fresnel lens
  • Lenticular arrays
  • PIR fresnel lens arrays for motion detector sensor
  • Arrays of prisms (Fresnel prisms)
  • Truck blind spot wide angle lens
  • Rectangular arrays of Fresnel lenses
  • Microlens arrays, both rectangular and hexagonal symmetries, as well as custom symmetries
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